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Attendance Procedures

Due to the large volume of attendance calls each day, we ask you to please follow this list of preferred methods for reporting your student’s absence, tardy attendance and/or early pick up.


2. NOTE FROM PARENT/GUARDIAN: Send in signed note with your student
2. ATTENDANCE HOTLINE (For full day absence and late arrivals ONLY): (608) 845-4403

Please Remember:

● Please include your name, relationship to student, spelling of student’s last name, grade, and reason for absence.

● If you receive a call in the evening regarding an absence, please have your student follow up with the teacher the following day to resolve the absence. If you believe your student was incorrectly marked absent, please send an email or call the attendance office the following day.

● Parents/Guardians are only allowed to excuse up to 10 full days per school year

● Please send a Doctor note when the absence is due to some sort of medical appointment i.e. Doctor, dentist, orthodontist, therapy ect. (If a student provides a doctor note that absence will not count towards the 10 day absences) Please give the Attendance Office 24 hours to resolve attendance corrections from the previous day. Thank you!