Student Services

 Alternative Education    Ms. Griffith 
 Alternative Education    Ms. Reddan
 Bilingual Resource Teacher    Ms. Tabrizi
 Bilingual Resource Teacher    Ms. Toftne
 Bilingual Resource Teacher    Ms. Guderyon
 Counselor    Ms. Pittman
 Counselor    Mr. Elvis
 Learning Resource Coordinator    Ms. Dowling
 LMC    Ms. Schmitz
 Nurse    Ms. Juzwik
 Occupational/ Physical Therapist    Ms. Spoon
 Psychologist    Ms. Koch
 Reading    Ms. Wedderspoon
 Social Worker    Ms. Wagner
 Special Education Teacher    Mr. Campbell
 Special Education Teacher    Ms. Coyle
 Special Education Teacher    Mr. Schweickhardt
 Special Education Teacher    Ms. Miskowiak
 Special Education Teacher    Ms. Phelps
 Special Education Coordinator    Ms. Latek
 Speech & Language Pathologist    Ms. Richardson
 Teacher for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing    Ms. Page