Student Bullying Articles

Student Bullying Articles
Posted on 10/04/2019


By: Seren M.


People, there are kids that bully.They just don’t know what’s good for them. When people bully they can hit, punch, kick and name call. This mostly happens at school. It can also be outside of school. There are not a lot of upstanders. Most people just don’t care and watch or continue the fight. Those people are called bystanders. Next, find out why people bully.

Why people bully

People bully because they either want attention or something bad is going on at home. Most people think bullying is nothing to matter about if there not in the drama. But lots of kids kill or commit suicide because they can’t take them being bullied any longer. Now let’s talk about how to stop bullying.

Help stop bullying

Your whole community can  help stop bullying by wearing blue on October 7th and that means you are a upstander for bullying! Tell your friends and family to help stop bullying and make our world better! HELP STOP BULLYING!!!!!!!


Bullying STINKS!!! 

By: Walter B.

       Bystanders often don't stand up to bullies because they don't want to be bullied themselves.  What I mean is that they think that if they stand up to bullies the bullies will get mad and start bullying them.  Another reason bystanders don't stand up to bullies is because they don't know what to do.  

       Sometimes if people upstand the teachers will help them not be bullied.  Teachers really like it when people upstand.  Upstander's will sometimes be rewarded with a thank you and it just feels good to help out.  

       Here are some strategies to encourage upstander's.  The more you help the person being bullied to more confident you will be.  The more help the better. When people stand up to bullies they often get help from teachers who see the problem.  


How You Can Help with Bullying 

By: Carolyn P.

         Hello! My name is Carolyn and today I am going to be talking to you about verbal bullying and how you can be an upstander if you see it happening. Did you know that less than 20% of bystanders actually do something when they see bullying?  That means that for all the bullying that is happening, only a very small percentage gets help from bystanders. And bystanders can make a big difference. I am going to give you facts about bullying and also tell you how you can help if you ever see bullying. So keep reading, you won’t regret it!

           The first thing I want to talk to you about is how you can help bullying. If you see bullying, you can stop it. You can tell a parent, teacher, or a trusted adult. What you should really try to do is be really nice to the kid who is being bullied. It is great to give that person extra support. It’s hard to stop bullies if you are the one being bullied so if you are a bystander, try to help them!

      I am also going to talk to you about why you should help. Would you like it if you were being bullied and no bystander was standing up for you or helping you? I can tell you that you would not. More than half of people under 25 have experienced bullying at some point in there lives. That is a lot of people. So that is why you should help. 

         Thank you for reading my article. I hope that you think differently about bullying. And I hope you will help if you see bullying! Bye!

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