Physical Education


I am aware in signing this document for participation in the Ropes and Challenge Course experience, that certain elements of the program can be physically and emotionally demanding. I understand that although the professional staff will make every reasonable effort to minimize exposure to known risks, not all danger and hazards can be foreseen (i.e.: cuts, bruises, scrapes, fractures, debilitating injuries, fatalities, etc.). Furthermore, I am aware that certain risks and dangers exist in these activities that are beyond the control of the sponsoring agency and its staff. I understand that BRMS / CKCS has the right to deny participation and that it is my responsibility as a participant to follow the safety standards, guidelines and procedures established by the staff/instructors.  If I do not understand specific instructions from the staff/instructor at any time I realize it is my responsibility to ask for clarity and or assistance.

In signing this document, I authorize the leader of the activities to secure such medical advice and services as deemed necessary for my health and safety and agree to accept financial responsibility:

  • Where my health and well being is involved.

  • Where medical advice has been such that further services are required.

  • Where all reasonable attempts to contact family have failed or where the nature of the emergency does not allow time to make contacts.

  • Where the benefits of my provincial health insurance plan have been exhausted and additional loss of income and or medical expenses are incurred.

I understand and assume all dangers and risks associated with this course and waive all claims against BRMS / CKCS staff and assigns, its officers, employees, volunteers, agents and their heirs, executors and assigns for any incidents that should occur due to my voluntary participation in this experience. Furthermore, I give my consent to the instructors or other medical personnel to treat me in a medical situation. My signature on this document is also intended to bind my successors, heirs, representatives, administrators, and assigns.


The term “challenge by choice” was created by Project Adventure as a way to make people feel that they have control of their challenge experience. (Schoel, Prouty, Radcliffe, 1989; Rohnke and Butler 1995). At no time should anyone be pressured into doing something that they don’t want to do.

Each participant that participates in our ropes course and challenge activities has different past experiences, strengths, physical ability and emotional state on the day of the activity. Each participant can participate in whatever way they feel most comfortable for each activity, whether it be encouraging other participants or helping with belaying or spotting.

We need to recognize that an activity on our ropes course that might not be intimidating to one person could paralyze another with fear. We encourage everyone to push their comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunities that we have to offer here at BRMS / CKCS, but we want students to be able to set their own goals and limits with support from the rest of the group, rather than be forced by the group to attempt something that could be physically or emotionally damaging. (Jennifer Stanchfield, ABEE)

It is important to encourage everybody in your group, so that we all get the most out of this experience.

From the BRMS / CKCS staff:

We ask that all students engage in the ropes course.  They do not need to climb.  All students will wear a harness, and choose to climb, spot, belay, anchor, or be a back up belayer.  Students will receive credit for doing any of these jobs.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us prior to the start of the ropes course unit. or call: 608-845-4494 or call: 608-845-4496

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