Family Consumer Science

Students explore independent living skills with a focus on how they "fit" as self in the local and global community. Areas of student include bullying, nutrition, laundry, sewing, kitchen management, consumerism, human growth and development, and financial literacy. 


Be an Upstander! By: Silas

Imagine you are the one that goes to school everyday knowing that you're going to get beat up again or teased about your clothes or anything that doesn't please other people. Do not do something to somebody else that you wouldn't do to yourself. You would not want to go to school anymore because you were getting bullied. That’s how some people feel, so you should help because you could make that person feel a lot better.

Sometimes bystanders don't help because they are afraid they will make the situation worse. It is possible that one time you see the victim standing up and telling the bully to stop but you thought he/she was bullying the real bully. And when you told somebody, you would make the real bully innocent while the victim is called a bully. Also some kids are afraid of becoming the next victim if they help so they just don't help.

One strategy to become an Upstander is to become a friend of the victim and say things like “don't listen to him/her” to help them. Another strategy is to tell adults what is happening. You could put a note on their desk (or somewhere else that the adult you want to tell goes to a lot) to be anonymous that explains the situation. You could also just go up to a responsible adult and tell them what is happening. I hope more people can become upstanders and that these things will help you.



By Vera

What is bullying? When people bully others, the bystanders sometimes help or just walk away. I think both would work in different situations. When you see kids bullying and you are an adult you might want to help, but when you're the same age you better walk away and tell adults. When kids are bullying they make others feel bad. Not everybody likes to be a part of big bad group. Do the bullies know how the kids feel when they bully them? Please stop bullying, that makes your karma bigger. If someone is bullying you then go and tell a teacher. In case something happens, teacher will know what's wrong. You are not going to be able to solve a problem if someone is bullying you. Just try to talk to that person politely.



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