6th Grade and New Student Orientation Information


Middle School 101

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

Does the foreign language taken in the middle school years earn students high school credits that work toward graduation?

   No, successful completion of 7th and 8th grade foreign language allows a student to    begin with a level two foreign language in high school.  This will lead to being able  to pursue five years of a language.  This helps students with college admission

   as well as possibly earning retro college credits.

My child is disappointed not to have his/her best friends in the same house.  How can I help my child with this?

Students will have classes with students from other houses during the three hours of encore/specials classes.  This is done intentionally to give students opportunity to meet new kids as well as spend time with established friends.  Also, because all students in the same grade level eat lunch at the same time, there is a daily opportunity for students to interact with students from other houses.  

My child is nervous about getting lost in the building.  Is there a time we can come and walk around to familiarize him/her with the building layout?

After you receive your child’s schedule you are welcome to tour the building to become familiar with the locations of various classrooms.  Also know that the first day of school is      dedicated to sixth graders and getting them comfortable being a part of Badger Ridge.  The teachers have designed activities to help them learn to navigate the building so that they will feel confident and relaxed right away.

Can my child participate in extracurricular activities?

Seventh and eighth grade students are eligible to participate in all extra-curricular activities. Sixth grade students may participate in wrestling, drama, dance, forensics, ski club, yearbook and student council.

Is there a fee for extra-curricular activities?

Yes. The first activity cost is $50, the second is $30, and the third is $20. Payment may be by efunds (please print your receipt) or by check made payable to BRMS.

Can my child bring his/her cell phone to school?

If your child chooses to bring a cell phone or other personal electronic device to school (such as an ipod), the device must be powered off and secured during the school day (from the time they enter the building until they leave at the end of the day). Personal electronic devices may only be used with permission from and under the direction of the student’s teacher. If a student has their personal electronic device out during the school day without permission, they will be asked to surrender the device to staff who will turn it into the office. Students may pick up their device at the end of the school day. Subsequent violations of the rule will result in a phone call to parents and a parent being required to pick up the personal electronic device.  


What if my child needs to miss school due to an illness?

If your child is ill and needs to stay home, please call our attendance line (845-4103) to leave a message for our attendance secretary. If your child is absent and we don’t receive a call, the secretary will call you to determine the reason for the absence. If you take your child to see a medical professional, request a clinic excuse which your child can bring to school when s/he returns.

We would like to take a family vacation during the school year, how should we notify the school?

We ask that families make every attempt to schedule their vacation time during school breaks. However, if you do plan a vacation that involves taking your child out of school, you should send a note to school with your child in advance of the vacation. Your child will give the note to our attendance secretary who will then provide your student with paperwork to take to his/her teacher notifying them of the upcoming absence and requesting the work with due dates for the days to be missed. It is the child’s responsibility to ask teachers to fill out the form and to submit the work by the due date.

How should I notify the school if my child has a doctor/dentist/orthodontist or other medical appointment and will need to miss part of the day?

Send a note to school with your child indicating what time your child will need to leave for the appointment. Your child will give the note to the attendance secretary in the morning and receive a pass to leave school at the time indicated. Your child will then show that pass to his/her teacher when it is time for him/her to leave and will sign out in the office. When your student returns from his/her appointment, s/he should report to the office to sign back in and give the attendance secretary a clinic excuse. She will then sign his/her pass to readmit him/her to class.

How many days of school can my child miss?

School attendance is compulsory in Wisconsin. Wisconsin statutes allow parents to excuse their children for no more than 10 days of school (all or part of the day). This includes absences due to illness, vacation, family requests. Absences that are medically excused by a health professional and documented with an excuse on clinic stationary are not included in the 10 days.

If I need to get a message to my child during the school day, what should I do?

Call the office and speak with a secretary who will get the message to your child. Students are not allowed to have their cell phones in class, so please do not text them during the school day.

What are visitor procedures?

If you are coming to the school during the school day, you will need to check in at the visitor station. Office staff will ask for you to produce a valid identification card (state issued ID, Passport, etc). We will run this through our Raptor visitor system.  We will also ask for the purpose of your visit before allowing you into the building. All visitors must display a visitor’s badge.

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